What Should You Know About Traffic Authority Website?

Traffic authority is the newest kind on the block, a site that claims at offering business the maximum traffic on their website. Well, you will agree that no business can progress today solely on the basis of good product and service. You also need to advertise your offerings in order to increase sales and clock in more revenue. We all know that online marketplace has become increasingly competitive and there is little or no differentiation of product left. In such a competitive environment, you can gain an edge over the competitors by hiring a company that can increase traffic on your website and bring in some potential clients to the online store.

What is Traffic authority?

There are various companies that claim for providing your website the maximum traffic. However, you will never want to take any chances with your business and therefore hire the best in the lot. Traffic authority is one such company that offers you the best available in the market and makes sure that maximum traffic has been generated on your website. If you are looking to join the company and earn some money then this is the best place to start with as it is absolutely free. They will offer you the tools and training packages that will help in learning the tips and tricks of online marketing. You will be able to make money by making your down line purchase, the traffic packages.

Before starting you will need some training which seems to be quite simple with the website offering you some simple training tips and tools. To start with, first training you will receive for Facebook.  While getting trained, you will receive free messages that will read make money online. These messages can be posted on the Facebook groups. If you do not want to send these messages on Facebook then there are pre-written emails and messages that can be sent to individual mails.  There are lots and lots of training tools that will help you to learn how online marketing is done.

A detail of training and commission packages

Next, you will want to know how the commission package offered by the traffic authority works. Well, there are different packages available with the website ranging from $220.00 to $4,267.00. What this website claims is that if you become an affiliate and start selling these packages, the income can run into thousands of dollars. However, you will have to follow the terms and conditions in order to earn the dollars and not just do as you want. If you want to earn commission then the first thing to be done is to buy the package yourself and then make your downline purchase these packages. If you purchase the highest package once then you will keep on receiving all the packages purchased by the downline and no need to purchase each package separately. These packages are to be bought just once in order to earn the commission on it and there are no such recurring purchases to be made for getting commission every month. Most part of the training, say almost 80% will focus on how much money can you make if opt for paid membership and other 20% will focus on using different packages and tools in training.

Training is one side of the coin and another side is support that will be required if you want to be fluent in using the product and earning money for yourself. Traffic authority gives you the option to contact them through email. However, to some basic questions, they have offered support through the FAQs that would be available on the website itself. Although, at first hand this might sound as a minimal support for something that you want to trust and put your money in, a bit of consideration can be given to the website which is relatively new.

Traffic authority was previously infinite leverage that later changed on its name to traffic authority. Now, there have been various questions over why Infinite leverage had to change their name if it was a legitimate company. Some are of the opinion that the affiliates or the potential affiliates should be cautious before buying the package. However, if you are aware of the marketing tactics then you must have heard the term rebranding. This is what is called rebranding when the companies not just make their product and services better but also adopt a different name to give a new feeling to the customers and the potential subscribers of their services. It is human nature that we always want something new and different and cannot stick to the same service or product if it lacks inventiveness and innovations. Infinite leverage seems to understand this concept pretty well and therefore not just reformed the services, but also changed its name altogether. Well, you are free to do your research before becoming affiliate of this company or any other such company. It is very important to be informed and then make an investment rather than going by the herd mentality that leaves you with no benefit.

Things you need to know

You will need to understand the basic structure of the program in order to earn commission. There are usually three reseller levels and it is important to get through with each in order to start with. The first one is basic reseller level which will require you to make other affiliates who purchase the product. This basically means that you will have to create downline. When this down line will purchase the products the part of the revenue generated will come as commission to you. Remember that you will have to purchase the packages yourself in order to keep receiving the commission. If for instance you have not purchased the package and your downline affiliates keep on doing so then there will be no commission earned by you.

This is exhaustive information on the Traffic authority that you would like to check out if thinking to earn dollars through commission.